Ramesh Gopi, M.D.
Ramesh Gopi, M.D.
Ramesh Gopi
Ramesh Gopi, M.D.

Diagnostic Radiology

Dr. Ramesh Gopi graduated from Caltech with honors in Engineering and Applied Sciences. In medical school and subsequent residency at UCLA Medical Center, he authored papers on mathematical models of cerebral hemodynamic changes underlying functional MRI signal changes. Following an interest in neuro- imaging, he completed a fellowship in Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the University of California, San Diego(UCSD) under the guidance of Dr. Bill Bradley and subsequently started private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Gopi is also the enterprise Radiation Safety Officer for the El camino Health System and Tenet’s San Ramon Regional hospital. He is a voluntary professor of radiology at UCSD where he collaborates on clinical research and participate in teaching activities.The most recent research project is a heuristic model of hospital based occupational radiation safety that utilizes mineable EHR data correlated with actual dosimeter readings to stratify radiation workers and predict risk. He has participated in numerous innovative trials including the Parkinson’s Progressive Markers Initiative of which I was a co-investigator. They were in charge of performing and interpreting Dopamine Ligand transporter imaging and the first institution to develop a movement disorders imaging program in Northern California. He was also a co-investigator on a NIH funded prospective trial on resting state MRI features of Fragile X Syndrome

Dr. Gopi is a co-founder of Sound Health – a cutting edge Silicon Valley Startup in collaboration with Stanford Scientists, that utilizes CT thin section data and artificial intelligence to model the paranasal sinus tracts and help treat Rhino-sinusitis with acoustic waves.



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